Sara Puccia, CEO
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Born and raised in Rochester, NY! I am a local Cash Buyer helping distressed homeowners out of difficult real estate situations. I pride myself on being ethical, fair, and honest.


Seven years ago I got laid off for the third (and last time) before my 30th birthday. I decided then and there I was done with corporate America. I was waitressing and started investing the money I had saved in real estate. Within 3 years I had replaced my income with passive rental income. I got licensed and started building up my business. Within 2 years I was able to quit waitressing and real estate became my full time career. 


Last year was my best year yet - becoming a mother. I had boy/girl twins and decided to take a break and went on maternity leave. I diiiid still buy a flip property the very next month but I had a partner and it was for fun and to get me out of the house. I love my babies, but real estate is also my baby, my passion. It changed my life and I enjoy helping it change other's lives. Whether it's buying or selling, we want to help you achieve your dreams. 

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